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PERSONNEL <br />5500 <br />Page 1 of 2 <br /> <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br /> <br />PERSONNEL RECORDS <br /> <br />The Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 maintains a complete personnel record for <br />every employee. Such file shall be kept in the Human Resources Department. Much of <br />the information contained in employee personnel files is confidential and access to such <br />files should be limited to the Superintendent/designee, principal, the employee, or the <br />employee’s designee or representative and school districts requesting information <br />pursuant to Idaho Code 33-1210. <br /> <br /> <br />Guidelines <br /> <br />Access to Information <br /> <br />1. A log of those persons other than the Superintendent/designee, principal or other <br />administrative staff, will be kept indicating the date of inspection, name of person <br />requesting access, description of the records copied, if any, and the initials of the <br />person providing the access and/or copies of requested records. <br /> <br />2. In accordance with federal law, the District shall release information regarding the <br />professional qualifications and degrees of teachers and the qualifications of <br />paraprofessionals to parents upon request, for any teacher or paraprofessional who <br />is employed by a school receiving Title I funds, and who provides instruction to their <br />child at that school. <br /> <br />3. Access to other information contained in the personnel records of District employees <br />is governed by Policy # 4297 Public Access to District Records. <br /> <br />4. Pursuant to Idaho Code 33-1210, not later than twenty (20) days after receiving a <br />request, Human Resources shall release information regarding job performance or <br />job related conduct, to school districts requesting such information for hiring <br />purposes. <br /> <br />Employees Files <br /> <br />1. Employees’ files should contain at a minimum the following records: <br /> <br />a. Application materials; <br />b. Evaluation information; <br />c. Rebuttals to performance evaluations; <br />d. Written reprimands, directives, commendations, or awards; <br />e. Communications from the administration; and <br />f. Original statements/releases to/from hiring school districts. <br /> <br />3. In addition a certificated employee’s official file should contain at a minimum the <br />following additional records: <br />