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INSTRUCTION <br />PARTICIPATION IN COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES <br />2720 <br />(also 3720) <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />A student's right to participate in the commencement exercises of the graduating class <br />at Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 high schools is an earned privilege. As such, <br />participation in this ceremony is reserved for those members of the graduating class <br />who have completed all of the state and local requirements for graduation before the <br />date of the ceremony. Students who complete their requirements after the date of <br />commencement exercises will receive their diploma at that time. <br />Guidelines <br />Organization and Content of Commencement Exercises <br />1. The school administration shall exercise plenary control over all aspects of any <br />graduation ceremony held within the District. <br />2. The school administration may invite graduating students to participate in high <br />school graduation exercises according to academic class standing or class officer <br />status. <br />a. Any student who, because of academic class standing, is requested to <br />participate may choose to decline the invitation. <br />b. Students selected to participate may choose to deliver an address, poem, <br />reading, song, musical presentation, prayer, or any other pronouncement of their <br />choosing. <br />c. The principal shall review and approve the student's address, poem, reading, <br />song, musical presentation, or any other pronouncement of their choosing prior <br />to its presentation to the audience attending the graduation ceremony to ensure <br />that there is no conflict with the Establishment Clause found in the First <br />Amendment to the United States Constitution, The Idaho Constitution or the laws <br />of the state of Idaho <br />3. The printed program for the commencement exercises shall include the following <br />paragraphs: <br />• Any presentation by participants of graduation exercises is the private <br />expression of the individual participants and does not necessarily reflect <br />any official position of the District, its Board, administration, or employees, <br />or indicate the views of any other graduates. <br />• The Board recognizes that at graduation time and throughout the course <br />of the educational process, there will be instances when religious values, <br />religious practices, and religious persons will have some interaction with <br />the public schools and students. The Board, however, does not endorse <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />