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STUDENTS <br />DETECTION DOG USE <br />3372 <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />The Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 Board of Trustees is committed to providing <br />a safe and secure environment for all students, staff, and visitors in order to maximize <br />learning opportunities. As such, the Board authorizes the Superintendent/designee to <br />use detection dogs affiliated with law enforcement when warranted and within the limits <br />of this policy for: <br />• a sweep, a planned deterrent and detection program; <br />• a search, which is based on reasonable suspicion or probable cause; or <br />• a demonstration or an educational program. <br />Guidelines <br />1. Detection dogs may be used on any District premises. <br />2. When detection dogs are used for a sweep the following conditions must be met <br />prior to the actual sweep. <br />a. An annual notification to affected groups. <br />b. An annual general inspection plan approved by the Superintendent /designee. <br />c. The plan will include: <br />1) the nature of the contraband sought (e.g. controlled substances, explosives); <br />2) the method employed to ensure a random selection process; and <br />3) the possible locations to be searched (e.g. lockers, parking lots). <br />DEFINITIONS: <br />Alert: A predetermined change of the detection dog's behavior, which is recognized by <br />the canine handler and would indicate the presence of the odor of the suspected <br />substance. <br />Contraband: Illegal or prohibited property, the possession of which is forbidden under <br />school policy or illegal under state or federal law. Contraband shall consist of, but is not <br />limited to, stolen property, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs and /or prescription <br />or nonprescription drugs designed to alter the feeling or behavior of an individual, or <br />drugs that appear to be any of the above. <br />Controlled substances: include, but are not limited to opiates, opium derivatives, <br />hallucinogenic, depressant, or stimulant substances, including cocaine, cannabis and <br />synthetic equivalents of the substances contained in the plant, any material, compound, <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />