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PERSONNEL <br />CERTIFIED STAFF PROVISIONS OF EMPLOYMENT <br />5015 <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 Board of Trustees sets forth guidelines that <br />define the provision of employment of professional certified staff in compliance with <br />Federal and Idaho State statutes. <br />Guidelines <br />Conditions of Employment <br />1. Prior to signing a contract and receiving compensation from the District, all <br />prospective certified employees must have on record at the Human Resources <br />Office the following: <br />a. An original valid Idaho Education Credential certifying them in their field of <br />employment, <br />b. Official transcripts of college credits, <br />c. Proof of prior education experience (verified on a completed Professional <br />Experience Report form), <br />d. Proof of highly qualified status (where applicable), <br />e. Past performance history, and <br />f. A fingerprint/background check on file in the District Office before September 5 of <br />the current school year. <br />2. Any certified employee not fulfilling this criteria by September 15 will receive <br />substitute wages for any days worked. <br />3. If all certification requirements are not met by September 25 of the current school <br />year, employment may be terminated on September 26. <br />Compensation <br />1. Placement or advancement on the salary schedule shall be determined on the <br />following basis. <br />a. Credit hours earned toward certification as shown on official transcripts. <br />b. Number of credits after initial certification earned at an institution of higher <br />education accredited by the State Board of Education or a regional accrediting <br />association, and accepted for salary -based apportionment by the Idaho State <br />Department of Education. <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />