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ADMINISTRATION <br />6110 <br />Page 1 of 1 <br />QUALIFICATIONS AND APPOINTMENT OF SUPERINTENDENT <br />Because of the exacting nature of the Office of Superintendent of Schools, the selection <br />of the person to fill the position shall be done with great care. In addition to having met <br />the minimum requirements established by the State Board of Education, the <br />Superintendent selected by the Board will exhibit qualifications inherent to the <br />responsible position for which he /she is appointed <br />Guidelines <br />The Superintendent qualifications which shall be considered at the time of review for <br />selection are: <br />1. Shall show good judgment and common sense, as well as the ability to think clearly <br />and independently, basing decisions on facts and without prejudice. <br />2. Shall be of good character, with high morals and unquestioning integrity, meeting the <br />standards of the community and patrons he /she serves. <br />3. Shall demonstrate leadership and high ability in business and educational affairs, <br />and be willing to accept those responsibilities. <br />4. Shall have a personality such that he /she can work effectively with the Board, with <br />the employees of the District, with the residents of the District, and with educators in <br />other systems and the State of Idaho. <br />5. Shall be in good health, such as will not interfere with carrying out the required <br />duties. <br />6. Shall be of a nature and disposition to involve the public and delegate <br />responsibilities as appropriately needed with the requisite power to fulfill those <br />responsibilities. <br />Adopted <br />10 -10 -1984 Reviewed Revised 12 -14 -2005 <br />Legal Reference: I.C. § 33 -513 Professional personnel <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />