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PERSONNEL <br />CERTIFIED STAFF TRANSFERS <br />5040 <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />The Board recognizes that certified staff should be placed in the school and/or <br />department that best meets the educational needs of students. Therefore, internal <br />adjustment transfers and personnel shifts may be used to maintain a proper balance of <br />experience and specialized competence among the schools of the District when <br />vacancies exist or there are changes in the enrollment of grades, classes, schools, or <br />organizational levels. Consideration will be given to a qualified employee's placement <br />preference when circumstances make it necessary to transfer certified staff. However, <br />an assignment shall be based upon the qualifications of the candidate and the <br />philosophy and needs of the District. Nothing in this policy shall prevent the <br />reassignment of a staff member during the school year. <br />Guidelines <br />Voluntary Transfers <br />A list of all known job vacancies, together with required endorsements and skill level, <br />will be compiled and published on the Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 Web <br />site. <br />2. Using a common set of criteria such as but not limited to personnel files, requested <br />qualifications, experience, etc., building principals will review requests for transfer. <br />3. Teachers currently assigned to a school, who are interested in job vacancies that <br />open after August 1, shall obtain prior approval from their building administrator <br />before any transfer will be approved. <br />Involuntary Transfers <br />The curricular and program needs of students should be the primary guiding factor in <br />making decisions regarding involuntary transfer assignments. <br />2. Involuntary transfers shall not result in the assignment of the teacher to a position for <br />which he/she is not qualified by academic preparation or license <br />DEFINITIONS <br />Involuntary Transfer: A District -initiated transfer from one school to another that <br />becomes necessary due to enrollment or program changes. <br />Teacher: shall apply to any employee of the District who holds a certificate issued by <br />the Idaho State Board of Education and who is employed in a teaching or administrative <br />position, below the rank of superintendent. <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />