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PERSONNEL 5080 Page 1 of 2 <br /> Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br /> LEADERSHIP PREMIUMS <br /> <br />The Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 Board of Trustees shall distribute leadership premiums to instructional staff employees pursuant to Idaho Code 33-1004J and on condition that the legislature has provided funding for such premiums during the current fiscal year. <br /> <br /> Guidelines Providing Leadership Premiums <br /> 1. Leadership premiums shall not be subject to collective bargaining. 2. Premiums are valid only for the fiscal year for which they are made. <br />3. The Board of Trustees may provide multiple leadership premiums to an individual instructional employee. Such employee: a. Shall not receive cumulative leadership premiums in excess of twenty-five percent (25%) of the base salary amount designated in section 33-1004E Idaho <br />Code. b. Shall not receive less than the state statutory minimum. Established Reasons for Providing Leadership Premiums <br /> Premiums shall be made for one or more of the following reasons: 1. Providing instruction in a subject that the employee holds a content area master’s degree. <br /> 2. Teaching a course where students earn both high school and college credit. 3. Teaching a middle school course where students earn both middle school and high <br />school credit. <br /> 4. Holding and providing service in multiple non-administrative certificate or subject endorsement areas. <br />5. Serving in a hard to fill position as designated by the Board of Trustees. <br /> 6. Providing mentoring, peer assistance, or professional development pursuant to Idaho Code 33-512(17).