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STUDENTS <br />3002 <br />Page 2 of 2 <br />student in writing (#3002F1 Verification of Identitv and Birthdate Form) that he/she <br />must provide acceptable documentation within thirty (30) calendar days. <br />2. If the person enrolling a student fails to provide the information within the requested <br />thirty (30) days, the District shall immediately notify the Bonneville County Sheriff's <br />Office of such failure (#3002F2 Notice to Law Enforcement Aclencv Form). <br />3. The building principal/designee shall notify the person enrolling the student <br />again, in writing (#3002F3 Verification of Identitv and Birthdate - 10 day <br />Notification Form), that he/she has an additional ten (10) calendar days to <br />comply. <br />Report of Suspicious Documentation <br />1. If any documentation or affidavit received appears inaccurate or suspicious in form <br />or content, the District shall immediately report the same to the Bonneville County. <br />Sheriff's Office. <br />2. Local law enforcement will investigate these reports. <br />3. Failure of a parent, or person in custody of a child, or a person enrolling a student, <br />to comply with the documentation requirements after a lawful request shall <br />constitute a misdemeanor. <br />Adopted: 05-15-2005 Reviewed: Revised: 07-08-2015 <br />04-12-2017 <br />Cross Reference: Education of Homeless Children #3060 <br />Legal Reference: Art. IX, § 9, Idaho Constitution- Compulsory Attendance at School <br />Idaho Code § 18-4511 School Duties—Records of Missing Child— <br />Identification Upon Enrollment—Transfer of Student Records <br />Idaho Code. § 33-512(5) Governance of Schools <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />