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COMMUNITY RELATIONS <br />4283 <br />(also 3245 and 5363) <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />Time, Place, and Manner of Distribution <br />1. The principal /designee at any of the District's schools shall have the authority to <br />regulate on- campus distribution of nonschool- sponsored publications subject to <br />reasonable time, place, and manner. <br />2. No nonschool- sponsored material shall be distributed during and at the place of a <br />normal school activity if it is reasonably likely to cause a material and substantial <br />disruption of that activity. <br />3. Distribution of nonschool- sponsored material is prohibited when it blocks the safe <br />flow of traffic within corridors and entrance ways of the school, or in school parking <br />lots. <br />4. Distribution shall not impede entrance to or exit from school premises in any way. <br />5. No one shall coerce a student or staff member to accept any publication. <br />Disciplinary Action <br />If a student attempts to distribute nonschool- sponsored material prohibited herein or <br />is in violation of the provisions of time, place, and manner of distribution, such <br />distribution shall be halted and disciplinary action taken up to and including <br />expulsion for a student. <br />2. If an employee of the District attempts to distribute nonschool- sponsored material <br />prohibited herein or is in violation of the provisions of time, place, and manner of <br />distribution, such distribution shall be halted and appropriate disciplinary action taken <br />in accordance with any individual contract, collective bargaining agreement, District <br />policies and procedures, and /or governing statute. <br />3. Any other party in violation of this policy will be requested to leave the school <br />property immediately and, if necessary, law enforcement agencies contacted. <br />DEFINITIONS <br />Distribute or Distribution: means circulation or dissemination of material by means of <br />handing out free copies, selling or offering copies for sale, accepting donations for <br />copies, or posting or displaying material, or placing material in internal staff of student <br />mailboxes. <br />Libelous or Slanderous: is a false and unprivileged statement about a specific <br />individual that tends to harm the individual's reputation or to lower that individual's <br />esteem of the community. <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />Distribution of Nonschool- Sponsored Materials on School Premises <br />