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COMMUNITY RELATIONS <br />4500 <br />(also 7700) <br />Page 2 of 2 <br />2) The acceptance of a gift for a particular school, however, indicates the <br />Board's approval of the use the benefactor specified. <br />3. Any gift or grant accepted by the Board or the Superintendent as its executive officer <br />shall become the property of the Board of Trustees and will comply with all state and <br />federal laws. <br />4. Community groups or individuals may donate equipment to the District. <br />a. Acceptance of donated equipment or materials may depend upon the compliance <br />with the Board's policy of standardizing materials and equipment in the District <br />which could restrict gifts purchased by the parent- teacher organizations to <br />individual schools. <br />b. Such equipment shall be added to the District's inventory, provided it is operative <br />at the time of donation and meets an educational purpose of the district. <br />5. Any gift or donation shall be shown on the Acknowledgement of Gift form #4500F <br />a. one copy shall be provided to the donor, <br />b. a second copy shall be retained by the school administrator, and <br />c. a third copy shall be forwarded to the District Office for accounting and filing. <br />6. Any monies received shall be properly accounted and deposited into the dedicated <br />accounts. <br />DEFINITION <br />Gift: shall be defined as money, real or personal property, and personal services <br />provided without consideration. <br />Adopted 10 -12 -2005 Reviewed <br />Revised <br />Cross Reference: Public Gifts: Donations to Schools Procedures #4500P1 <br />Public Gifts: Donations of Material /Equipment Affecting Building Structure <br />or Maintenance Procedures #4500P2 <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />