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PERSONNEL <br />5015 <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />c. Actual years of teaching or administrative experience (verified on a completed <br />Professional Experience Report) serving at an accredited public school or in an <br />accredited private or parochial school as approved by the Idaho State Department <br />of Education for salary -based apportionment purposes. <br />2. Stipends for extra assignments or extra days will be recommended by the building <br />principal and approved annually by the Board. <br />a. Such stipends will be on a supplemental contract. <br />b. All stipend assignments are annual with no assurances of continued work or <br />compensation. <br />c. The Board reserves the right to make adjustments in teaching duties or extra <br />assignments and to adjust salaries accordingly, as indicated on the contract, <br />when it determines the change to be in the best interest of the District. <br />3. In the event a certified employee resigns, is suspended, or removed for cause prior <br />to the end of the school year, or fails to continue teaching the whole school term, the <br />person will be paid a pro -rata share of the annual salary based on actual number of <br />days served. <br />Work Year <br />The number of days in the work year shall be determined annually by the Board of <br />Trustees including. <br />1. Student /teacher contact days, <br />2. Paid holidays, <br />3. In- service training days, <br />4. Professional workdays, <br />5. Parent - teacher conference days, and <br />6. Compensatory days. <br />Duties as Assigned <br />1. All certified employees are required to: <br />a. Perform assigned extra duties including such activities as before and after school <br />supervision, bus loading, hall supervision, etc. <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />Certified staff Pro\isions for Employment <br />