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PERSONNEL <br />5020 <br />Page 2 of 3 <br /> <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />Criminal History Background Check <br />Substitute Teachers <br /> <br />Substitute teachers are required to undergo a Criminal History Check every five (5) <br />years and to pay the cost of such. <br /> <br />Coaching Staff <br /> <br />Any coaching staff who is not a permanent employee of the District shall be required to <br />undergo a Criminal History Check every five (5) years. <br /> <br />Volunteers <br /> <br />1. Any volunteer in the District who has regular unsupervised access to students, as <br />determined by the principal shall submit to a Criminal History Check prior to <br />volunteering in the school. <br /> <br />2. The principal along with input from the athletic director may require a ny volunteer to <br />submit to a Criminal History Check prior to working with student athletes. <br /> <br />3. Any requirement of a volunteer to submit to a Criminal History Check shall be in <br />compliance with the Volunteers for Children Act of 1998 and applicable federal <br />regulations. <br /> <br />Misrepresentations or Omissions <br /> <br />If an applicant, employee, or volunteer makes any misrepresentation or willful omission <br />of fact regarding prior criminal history, such shall be sufficient cause for disqualification <br />or termination. <br /> <br />Reporting Arrests or Convictions <br /> <br />All employees shall have the continuing duty to notify supervisors or principals of any <br />arrest, criminal conviction, or protection order served (minor traffic infractions excluded) <br />that occur while employed by the District pursuant to policy #5021 Employee Duty to <br />Report Arrests or Criminal Convictions. <br /> <br />Contractors <br /> <br />The District shall cross-check all contractors or other persons who have irregular <br />contact with students against the Idaho State Police Sex Offender Registry. <br /> <br />Confidentiality <br /> <br />1. Employees who have access to information regarding Criminal History Checks shall <br />ensure that such remain confidential. <br />