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ADMINISTRATION <br />6115 <br />Page 2 of 3 <br />7. Recommend to the Board the establishment of lay advisory committees when <br />deemed appropriate, including a definition of the task for each committee, a <br />suggested time limitation and appropriate procedures for committee operation. <br />8. Responsible for other items not mentioned only when specifically assigned by the <br />Board of Trustees. <br />Powers <br />1. Administer the development and maintenance of a positive educational program <br />designed to meet the educational needs of all students in Bonneville Joint School <br />District No. 93. <br />2. Promote the efficient operation of the school system, development of the <br />instructional staff and intellectual growth and general welfare of pupils. <br />3. Evaluate the effectiveness of all phases of the school program, including curriculum, <br />instruction, supervision, administration, business and budgeting procedures, <br />personnel procedures, auxiliary and ancillary services, efforts to promote public <br />understanding, and other aspects of the total program as may be deemed <br />necessary. <br />4. Maintain a continuous study of the problems confronting the schools, evaluate the <br />quality and efficiency of all departments, and report to the Board as required. <br />5. Enforce the rules, regulations and decisions of the Board, and shall be responsible <br />for the dissemination of all general directives adopted by the Board of Trustees <br />relating to all school employees. <br />6. Prepare the agenda for each Board meeting, attend all meetings, except when <br />his /her contract is being considered, and shall participate in all deliberations of the <br />Board when such deliberations do not concern his /her contract. <br />7. Appropriately advertise all Board meetings, provide resource materials to the Board, <br />and facilitate the decision making process. <br />8. Assure minimal use of executive sessions, except where required by law for <br />confidential nature which need to be discussed. <br />9. Develop a District calendar of events for the management of both the educational <br />and administrative process. Such calendar is to be updated annually. <br />10. Confer periodically with professional and lay groups concerning the school program, <br />and transmit to the Board suggestions gained from such conferences. <br />11. Provide inservice professional growth for all personnel responsible directly to the <br />Superintendent. <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />