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PERSONNEL <br />Transfer: A change in position from one (1) school to another. <br />Adopted 04-11-2012 Reviewed <br />Revised <br />5040 <br />Page 2of2 <br />03-13-2013 <br />02-08-2017 <br />Cross Reference: Hiring Process and Criteria #5010 <br />Hiring Process and Criteria Procedures #5010 <br />Certified Staff Provisions for Employment #5015 <br />Certified Staff Personnel Reemployment/Non-reemployment #5017 <br />Transcripts #5018 <br />Criminal History -Background Checks #5020 <br />Equal Employment Opportunity #5030 <br />Employment Contracts #5060 <br />Altered Employment Contracts #5070 <br />Requesting Employment Records #5075 <br />Code of Ethics #5200 <br />Reduction in Force #5830 <br />Legal Reference: Idaho Code 33-514 Issuance of annual contracts <br />Idaho Code 33-514A Issuance of limited contract -category 1 contract <br />Idaho Code 33-515 Issuance of renewable contracts <br />Idaho Code 33-522A Reduction in force defined <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />Certified Staff Transfers <br />