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PERSONNEL <br />REQUESTING AND EVALUATING <br />PUBLIC SCHOOL EMPLOYMENT RECORDS <br />5075 <br />Page 1 of 1 <br />Pursuant to Idaho Code 33 -1210, Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 will request <br />records regarding job performance and/or job-related conduct from applicants' current <br />and past public school employers both in and out of the state of Idaho prior to hiring. <br />Guidelines <br />In order to better protect Idaho's students and school districts from employees with a <br />history of poor job performance or violating their professional code of ethics, Idaho law <br />requires the District request records for perspective employees including, but not limited <br />to: <br />1. Certified employees including Administrators and /or <br />2. Classified staff. <br />DEFINITIONS <br />Applicant: An applicant for employment in a certificated or non - certificated position who <br />is currently or was previously employed by a school district. <br />Employer: A school district in the state of Idaho or another state or country. <br />Adopted 09 -14 -2011 Reviewed Revised 08 -08 -2012 <br />Cross Reference: Hiring Process and Criteria #5010 <br />Hiring Process and Criteria Procedures #5010 <br />Teacher Provisions for Employment #5015 <br />Certification #5017 <br />Criminal History- Background Checks #5020 <br />Equal Employment Opportunity #5030 <br />Employment Contracts #5060 <br />Altered Employment Contracts #5070 <br />Notice of Non - acceptance of Altered Contract #5070F <br />Requesting Employment Records Procedures #5075P <br />Recommendation for Release from Conditional Employment #5075F1 <br />Notice of Release from Conditional Employment #5075F2 <br />Code of Ethics #5200 <br />Legal Reference: Idaho Code 33 -1210 Information on Past Performance <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />