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THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES <br />POLICY DEVELOPMENT <br />1325 <br />Page 1 of 1 <br />The Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 Board of Trustees understands that written <br />policies are the primary means by which the School Board governs the District. As <br />such, the Board shall use policy development as a means to articulate the Board's <br />vision for student achievement, citizenship, and business operations. <br />Guidelines <br />Policies provide several vital services: <br />a. Chart a course of action; <br />b. Have the force of law, but are subject to state and federal laws and regulations; <br />c. Give direction to and through the superintendent on how the District will operate; <br />d. Serve as guidelines for the Board's own operations; and <br />e. Direct the successful and efficient functioning of the District. <br />2. The Board recognizes that changes in needs, conditions, and laws will require <br />revision, deletions and additions to the policies. The Board encourages <br />suggestions, and proposals for policy changes from any individual or group affected <br />by the District's policies. <br />3. The Board directs the Superintendent /designee to use an orderly process in <br />examining and preparing policy proposals for Board action, including, but not limited <br />to: <br />a. Considering the impact the policy proposal will have on student achievement, <br />citizenship, and business operations; <br />b. Gathering relevant research and data; <br />c. Aligning policies with the Strategic Plan; <br />d. Communicating with and encouraging input from those that will be affected by <br />the policy change; and <br />e. Ensuring that policy, procedure and practice are consistent with each other. <br />DEFINITIONS <br />Policies: are principles adopted by the Board to chart a course of action. They tell what <br />is wanted and may include why and how much. They are broad enough to indicate a <br />line of action to be taken by the Superintendent in meeting a number of day to day <br />problems; they need to be narrow enough to give the administration clear guidance. <br />Adopted: 03 -09 -2005 Reviewed: 09 -12 -2012 Revised: <br />Legal References: I.C. § 33- 506(1) Organization and Government of Board of Trustees <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />