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THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES <br />1360 <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />HIRING OF LEGAL COUNSEL <br />There are many occasions when appropriate legal counsel is needed by the Bonneville <br />Joint School District No. 93 Board of Trustees or its Chief Executive Officer, the <br />Superintendent of Schools. As such, it is the policy of this Board that the <br />Superintendent, or the Board, may secure in the best interest of the District, legal <br />counsel relating to specific issues, as may be needed. <br />Guidelines <br />The following guidelines will apply: <br />The Board reserves the right to retain the services of legal counsel as may be <br />determined, either on a temporary or permanent basis. <br />2. The services may be advisory only, or may include representation of the Board <br />as a whole, individual Board members, or other District personnel, in any court <br />action or other litigation as deemed necessary by the Board. <br />3. A decision to seek legal advice or assistance shall originate from the Board, <br />the Superintendent, or persons specifically authorized by the Board or <br />Superintendent. The Superintendent shall inform the Board prior to requesting <br />unusual types or amounts of legal services. <br />4. The Board, through the Superintendent, may invite District legal counsel, either <br />on a temporary or permanent basis, to be in attendance at school board <br />meetings, where legal opinions may be required. <br />5. Whenever students are recommended by building administrators and the <br />Superintendent for expulsion, District legal counsel will be involved to assure <br />compliance with all appropriate legal responsibilities. <br />6. The Superintendent is authorized to consult with legal counsel for the District <br />as deemed necessary and appropriate in dealing with specific issues in the <br />best interest of the District. <br />7. Building administrators, or other employees of the District, having a perceived <br />need for legal counsel, will direct such to the attention of the Superintendent/ <br />designee. The Superintendent /designee will then, either obtain legal <br />information, or direct the Board legal counsel to visit directly with the District <br />employee, as may be appropriate. <br />Adopted: 03 -09 -2005 Reviewed: 09 -12 -2012 Revised: <br />Legal Reference: I.C. § 33- 506(3) Organization and Government of Board of Trustees <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />