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COMMUNITY RELATIONS <br />4283 <br />(also 3245 and 5363) <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />DISTRIBUTION OF NONSCHOOL - SPONSORED MATERIALS <br />ON SCHOOL PREMISES <br />Individuals in the Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 have the right to express <br />themselves on District property. This includes the right to distribute nonschool- <br />sponsored material at a reasonable time and place and in a reasonable manner that <br />does not cause a material or substantial disruption of the normal school activity or <br />interfere with the educational objectives and responsibilities of the District. <br />Guidelines <br />Notice of Policy to Students and Employees <br />Copies of this policy shall be made available to students and employees at each school <br />building within the district. <br />Requests for Distribution <br />Requests for distribution of nonschool- sponsored material shall be reviewed by the <br />Su perintendent/designee on a case -by -case basis. However distribution of the material <br />listed below is always prohibited. Material is prohibited that: <br />1. is obscene to minors; <br />2. is libelous or slanderous; <br />3. is pervasively indecent or vulgar or contains any indecent or vulgar language or <br />representations, with a determination made as to the appropriateness of the material <br />for the age level of students to which it is intended; <br />4. advertises or promotes any product or service not permitted to minors by law; <br />5. advocates violence or other illegal conduct; <br />6. constitutes insulting or fighting words, the very expression of which injures or <br />harasses other people (e.g. threats of violence, defamation of character or of a <br />person's race, religion, or ethnic origin); <br />7. presents a clear and present likelihood that, either because of its content or the <br />manner of distribution, it will cause a material and substantial disruption of the <br />proper and orderly operation and discipline of the school or school activities, will <br />cause the commission of unlawful acts, or will cause the violation of lawful school <br />regulations. <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />