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PERSONNEL <br />ALTERED EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS <br />5070 <br />Page 1 of 1 <br />The Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 shall contract annually with each certified <br />staff member on a form approved by the state Superintendent of Public Instruction and <br />the state Board of Education. The District will not accept any contract of employment <br />which has been altered by deletion, addition, or modification by the employee or the <br />employee's representatives since such alteration constitutes a counteroffer and does <br />not form the contract intended by the District. <br />Guidelines <br />1. The Superintendent /designee shall review contracts of employment returned by <br />certified professional employees of the District. <br />2. The Superintendent /designee is authorized to refuse any contract which has been <br />altered and return such to the employee. <br />3. The employee shall be notified that unless an unaltered properly executed contract <br />is returned to the District within five (5) working days after receipt of such notice, <br />said employee's employment with the District will be automatically terminated. <br />4. If such unaltered properly executed contract is not returned within five (5) working <br />days of the delivery of notice, that employee's employment with the District shall be <br />automatically terminated. <br />a. If the employee is serving in the new contract term, the employee shall be <br />relieved of duty and the position filled with a substitute teacher until further <br />direction is received from the Board. <br />b. The employee shall be paid through the date of termination and a check <br />presented. <br />Adopted 01 -10 -2007 Reviewed 04 -11 -2012 Revised <br />Legal Reference: IC 33 -513 Professional Personnel <br />Handbook Reference: Law of Education in Idaho section 905.4.4 Preauthorization <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />