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<br /> BONNEVILLE JOINT SCHOOL DISTRICT #93 <br /> 3497 N. Ammon Road <br /> Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401 <br /> August 10, 2005 <br />I. Call to Order <br /> 7:30 p.m. <br /> <br />II. Roll Call <br />Board Members present: Chairman, Craig Lords, Vice Chairman, Annette Winchester, Randy Haws, and <br />Kip Nelson. Excused Board Member Wendy Horman. Also present: Superintendent Dr. Chuck Shackett <br />and Mike Sorenson, Acting Board Clerk. <br /> <br />III. Prayer <br /> Berna D. Olson <br /> <br />IV. Welcoming of Delegates and Visitors <br /> <br />V. Consent Calendar <br /> <br />A. Minutes of the previous meeting(s). <br /> July 13, 2005 Regular Meeting <br /> August 10, 2005 Regular Meeting <br /> August 26, 2005 Work Session <br /> <br />B. Accounts Payable <br /> 2,291,401.30 <br /> <br />C. Resignation(s) and Terminations <br />Tamara Roberts – Falls Valley special education aide <br /> Karen Peck – Ucon Parents as Teachers educator <br />Ruth Orr – Ammon second grade teacher <br />Bridgett Stanger – Iona 10n 1 aide <br /> <br />D. Proposed Contracts, Appointments & Assignments <br />Jana Porter – Tiebreaker first grade teacher <br />Sally Bird – Hillcrest 1-1 aide <br />Brandi Cox – RMMS sixth grade teacher <br />Cindy Callin – Hillcrest Special education aide <br />Steven Cziep – Hillview 5th grade math teacher <br />Jennifer Wulf – Ucon 1st grade teacher <br /> <br />E Retirements <br /> Valene Hogan. – Hillview aide <br /> <br />F. Request for Leave <br /> Kristy Garner –Ucon part-time teacher <br /> <br />G. Policies for Final Consideration <br />2210-4630 (13 policies and /or procedures) <br /> <br />Consent Calendar Additions <br /> Resignation(s) and Terminations <br /> Shayne Saari – SMS 7th grade teacher <br /> Lisa Harding – SMS 6ht grade teacher <br /> Jaci Chambers – HHS Work-based Learning Instructor <br /> Kelli Eddy – HHS aide <br /> <br /> <br />