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<br /> <br />BONNEVILLE JOINT SCHOOL DISTRICT #93 <br /> 3497 N. Ammon Road <br /> Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401 <br />April 19, 2006 <br />I. Call to Order <br /> 7:30 p.m. <br /> <br />II. Roll Call <br />Board Members present: Chairman, Craig Lords, Vice Chairman, Annette Winchester, <br />Treasurer, Randy Haws, Wendy Horman, and Kip Nelson. Also present: Superintendent <br />Dr. Chuck Shackett and Jamie Smith, Board Clerk. <br /> <br />IV. Prayer <br /> <br />V. Welcoming of Delegates –Chairman Lords welcomes the following to the meeting: <br /> <br />BrianWalker <br />HHS Debate <br />John Cutler <br />HHS Debate <br />Travis Walker <br />HHS Debate <br />Brian Bean <br />HHS Debate <br />Carol Ann <br />Denyer <br />HHS Debate <br />Austin Warren <br />HHS Debate <br />David Schwieder Gwen Schwieder Travis Mitchell Todd Hicks <br /> <br />Joe Bodily Judy Botero Paul Botero John Pymm Liz Branter <br />Hollie Noble Natalie Noble Haylie Noble Tom Hunsaker Nike Bryan <br />Lousie Bryan Ken Marlowe Carol Roberts Mike Olsen Bernie Olsen <br />Trevor Guthrie <br />BHS Choir <br />Nathan Day <br />BHS Choir <br />Spencer <br />Anderson <br />BHS Choir <br />Myrna Guthrie Jill Starnes <br />Bob Marchus Ranae Walker N. Shalene <br />French <br /> <br /> <br />I. Consent Calendar <br /> <br />A. Minutes of the previous meeting(s). <br /> March 8, 2006 Regular Meeting <br /> March 8, 2006 Executive Session <br /> <br />B. Accounts Payable <br /> 2,156,634.46 <br /> <br />E. Resignation(s) and Terminations <br />Wendy Christensen – Even Start <br />Rebecca Pyper – BHS English teacher <br />Roxanne Clonce – Ucon ERR <br />Jennifer Riblett – RMMS aide <br />Nancy Boland – Falls Valley secretary <br />Karma Hepworth – Special Services preschool <br />Stephanie Marlow – SMS English teacher <br />Bridgett Cress – SMS special ed. teacher <br />Cathy Harward – Cloverdale kindergarten <br />Elisha Goodson – LHS Even Start <br />Berdeen Creasey – Cloverdale ERR assistant