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NON-INSTRUCTIONAL OPERATIONS <br />8415 <br />Page 1 of 2 <br /> <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br /> <br /> <br />CHILD NUTRITION MEAL CHARGES <br /> <br />The District 93 Board of Trustees wishes to establish consistent meal account procedures <br />throughout the District. The school meal program is federally funded by reimbursement <br />from meals sold and revenue collected from paid meals. In order to maintain the f inancial <br />stability of the program, charging meals must be limited. <br /> <br />Therefore, the goals of this policy are: <br /> <br />● To ensure that all students have access to nutritious meals and that no child goes <br />hungry. <br />● To treat all students with dignity and confidentiality in the serving line regarding meal <br />accounts. <br />● To support positive and clear communication among staff, administrators, teachers, <br />students, and parents/guardians. <br />● To establish fair and consistent practices throughout the District. <br />● To place the responsibility of meal payments on parents/guardians. <br /> <br />Guidelines <br /> <br />Responsibility for Meal Accounts <br /> <br />1. The Child Nutrition Department is responsible for maintaining student meal accounts <br />and notifying the parent/guardian of negative balances. Automatic calls will be sent to <br />parents/guardian when an account reaches $-.01. <br />2. Parents/Guardians are responsible for timely payment to student meal accounts as well <br />as monitoring student accounts to ensure the balance does not fall below $0.00 <br />3. The School Secretary/Designee is responsible for notifying the kitchen manager and the <br />Child Nutrition Office when: <br />a. A student is checking out of school or <br />b. A new student is enrolled from outside the District. <br /> <br />Delinquent or Uncollectible Accounts <br /> <br />1. All enrolled students will be allowed to charge a maximum $50.00