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NON-INSTRUCTIONAL OPERATIONS <br />8300 Page 1 of 2 <br /> Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br /> <br /> HEALTHY LIFESTYLES Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 is committed to promoting and encouraging good <br />nutrition and the general well-being, mental and physical capacity, and learning ability of <br />each student, and to afford them the opportunity to fully participate in the education <br />process and achieve academic success. Therefore, the Board directs the Superintendent/designee to appoint a Healthy Lifestyles Advisory Committee to develop and evaluate a proactive and comprehensive wellness plan and to inform the public <br />about its content and implementation. <br /> <br /> Guidelines <br />Healthy Lifestyles Promotion <br /> <br />1. To promote student health and reduce childhood obesity, all schools within the Bonneville School District shall comply with the nutrition standards established by the USDA with respect to food that is available on school grounds during the school <br />day. <br /> <br />2. Evidence-based approaches in establishing goals for school based activities to promote student wellness shall be reviewed and considered. <br />a. Healthy lifestyles, good nutrition, and regular physical activity as a part of the <br />total learning environment shall be encouraged. <br /> b. Access to nutritious food choices shall be provided as well as the opportunity to learn and participate in positive dietary practices. <br /> <br />c. Opportunities for physical activity and developmentally appropriate exercise shall <br />be promoted. Evaluation <br /> <br />1. The effectiveness of the Healthy Lifestyles policy in promoting healthy eating shall <br />be regularly evaluated and changes to the program shall be made as appropriate to increase its effectiveness. <br />2. The assessment of the implementation of the policy shall be conducted at least once <br />every three (3) years. Record Retention <br />The following records relating to the Healthy Lifestyles policy shall be retained: <br />